What are SoStronk's FairPlay Rules?

SoStronk believes in full trust and transparency to its users and to do so needs players to adhere to the following FairPlay Rules while playing in a SoStronk Tournament:

  • Play only Classic-Ranked matches in SoStronk Tournaments.
  • Only 1 BGMI account is allowed (renaming accounts is disallowed).
  • De-ranking and smurfing are completely disallowed.
  • Only Platinum and above tiers are allowed to participate.
  • Play any mode Solo/Duo/Squad (Duo/Squad only with randoms (auto-matching) )
  • No cheats/in-game hacks/GFX tools etc.
  • Skipping Tier/Result screen is not allowed.
  • Keep your career results open to everyone.
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